Seals & O Ring & Seal Kit

Seals & O Ring & Seal Kit

Seal Kits are an important part of a JCB that will be very helpful to prevent the lubricant from escaping the machine. It also has work to prevent the contaminant to enter the machine and reduce its life. We are AY trading who is manufacturing JCB seal kits full of perfection for the past many years and have gained goodwill in the market. It will be always beneficial for our customers to buy a whole seal kit instead of buying a single seal. We have seal kits available for these models –

  • JCB 2CX
  • JCB 3CX
  • JCB Loadalls
  • JCB Mini diggers
  • JCB Excavators

JCB O Rings

0 Rings have the main work to block a path from where the chances of gas or liquid can escape. This ring is placed in the Groove to secure the place. AY Trading is manufacturing the best JCB o rings that will never let happen the leakage of liquid or gas. As we are providing our services in the whole of India so users don’t have to worry while buying JCB o rings.

JCB Oils Seals Kits

Oils Seals Kit is a mechanical device that prevents the lubricants to stick to the machine. This oil seals kit is mainly used to protect the bearings and shafts from dirt. The outer circular part and the inner flexible material do their job and will also prevent the leakage of oil past the sealing lip. We are manufacturing JCB Oils seals kits in our company that will provide an effective and smooth service. Use of these seals kits-

  • Protect Bearings
  • Protect shafts from the dirt

JCB Grease Seal

Grease Seal is an important part that will help the users to retain the grease on a shelf. It will help in closing the space between stationary and moving components that ensure the preventing of lubricant from escaping. Our company is manufacturing JCB Grease Seal with the best and premium raw material. So that our clients can use grease Seal smoothly for a long time.

JCB Dowty Dust Seal

Dowry Dust Seal is a type of synthetic rubber, which is bonded with heat and pressure to the zinc-plated washer. These are high-pressure seals, which are mainly used in Mechanical vehicles. It is a type of high-pressure application that has the main work to stop the leakage against a wide range of fluids. AY Trading is also dealing in JCB Dowty dust seal that is getting supply in the whole of India including all the major cities.

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