Fabrication / Casting Parts

Fabrication / Casting Parts

There are a lot of parts required to start the work of JCB and the fabrication work plays a very important role here. AY Trading is a manufacturer who is dealing in JCB Fabrication Parts in which we have to be very careful while delivering the best quality to our customers. The fabrication parts mean to convert the raw material into the finished product and that is what we deliver to our customers after inspecting the quality of material we are using.

Users can compare the rate on the Internet and other offline stores, you will be able to know that AY Trading is providing the best rates for their fabrication parts, so there is no need to search for any other company if you want JCB Fabrication parts. Our fabrication process includes various methods like Cutting, Punching, Shearing, Forming, Stamping, and some more things. The fabrication cards will come to the finished condition with full polish and finishing. AY Trading is providing its services in MP, Maharashtra, UP, and some more States. The main parts we are dealing in –

  • Tipping Link
  • Loader Plate
  • Bucket plate
  • Tooth Point
  • Stabilizer Foot

JCB Fabrication and Casting Parts

Casting is the process in which a new shaped metal is formed with the help of a hot liquid. The casting process starts with a hot liquid metal, which will get filled in a mold to give a proper shape. Then the liquid metal form will get solidify and then it will remove from the mold, the whole process is called Casting. AY Trading also deals in JCB Fabrication and JCB Casting Parts to prepare the best parts. Here are our main products –

  • JCB Stabilizer Foot
  • JCB Stabilizer Inner
  • JCB Side Cutter
  • JCB Sleeves
  • JCB Stabilizer Tube

The casting is the main process in which a mold gets converted into a fabricated part. We can say that it is a manufacturing process in which casting is the first process that converts into a fabricated part. AY Trading is one of the best companies providing the best JCB parts in the market by following the effective process of casting the metal to make the best shape fabrication parts. After finishing the product, it gets analyzed by our team of experts, and then only it comes to the market after getting the positive report.


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